Tutor Planter

The planter Paraventuteur is made of high-performance gray or white concrete. It’s factory-finished with a colourless, anthracite gray or red (other colours are available on order) anti-foaming and anti-graffiti glazing.

Composed of 3 elements; the planter, the tutor screen and two pieces of concrete to assemble. The set is simple to assemble, move and store. The circular hole pattern of the unit allows to play with the vegetation.

Dimensions of the gardener :
Length : 600 mm
Width : 370 mm
Height : 470 mm
Thickness : 25 mm

Dimensions of the paraventuteur :
Length : 1800 mm
Width : 800 mm
Thickness : 25 mm

Weight :
Gardener : 62 kg
Paraventuteur : 76 kg