MODULA Wooden blades

The only high-end concrete fence on the market that perfectly imitates factory-stained wood
  • 2-sided structured plate
  • High performance concrete: weight <45KG
  • Factory-stained: anti-fouling guarantee and a tint that lasts over time
  • No maintenance

Easy to install
Made of high performance concrete (new generation of UHPC), each element doesn’t exceed 40 kg. The plates fit together to form a single panel.

Anti-graffiti and anti-fouling treatments
Application of a protective stain to guarantee the longevity of the long-term appearance of your fence and self-washability.

Resists shocks better
Use of fiber-reinforced concrete to limit the traces of slight impacts.

100% wood imitation: Modula Blades don’t have a smooth side, each side of the plate and post is worked, structured. The fence is double-sided. This range is available in 8 different wood colours.

Complies with the NF EN 12839 European standard

High Performance Fiber Concrete (Cement, Sand, Filler, Fiber, ddmixtures, steel and glazing)

Wood imitation on both sides of the plates and posts.

Protective stain
Applied in-factory, it penetrates deep into the concrete and provides waterproofing. It’s solvent-free, silicone-free and more than 95% biodegradable according to OECD standards. The stain protects the fence from graffiti and dirt.

Sealing of the pole on a height of 50 cm by casting of concrete mass of 40 x 40 cm. Choice of factory applied colours: 8 colours + 2 new products (Exotic wood, dark, dark green, light green, medium, corn, anthracite, concrete gray, capri blue, red)

The colours are likely to vary according to the weather and the products. This is a natural phenomenon that doesn’t affect the quality of the product.


  • MODULA Wood blades

  • MODULA Wood panels

  • Length (cm)

  • 191

  • 191

  • Height (cm)

  • 45

  • 52 (Including 2 for interlocking)

  • Thickness (cm)

  • 2,3

  • 3

  • Weight (kg)

  • 45

  • 40

  • POST

  • MODULA Post line

  • Post Angle MODULA

  • Post section (cm)

  • 8X8 (on top)

    8X12 (at the base)

  • 10X10 (on top)

    12X12 (at the base)

  • Length (cm)

  • 185-235-280

  • 185-235

  • Sealing (cm)

  • 50

  • 50

  • Weight (kg)

  • 25-33-42

  • 46 or 58

7 Reasons to choose MODULA :

1) Aesthetics

2) Lifetime

3) No maintenance thanks to anti-grafitti and anti-soiling treatments

4) Choice of colours

5) Easy installation

6) Cost sharing with your neighbour thanks to the double face

7) 100% made in France