Slab wall 125


The slab wall plate 125 is high performance fiber-reinforced concrete gray*. It is completed in a factory for stain to protect against dirt and graffiti to facilitate maintenance.

With dimensions of 1.25m by 1.25m , the slab wall 125 is a exterior siding or interior . Casting on a honeycomb structure, the slab wall 125 is both lightweight resistant. It arises adhered (the choice of the adhesive should be studied before ordering with the installer, each support being different) or using profiles.

* LASURE in 8 colors ( gray concrete , anthracite, wood corn, wood way , exotic wood, dark wood , light green and dark green )

Length: 1250 mm
Width: 1250 mm
Thickness: 20 mm (10 mm + 10 mm concrete honeycomb structure )

43 kg